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About Gear13

Gear13 Creative

Graphic design services by Jason Keeney

(608) 317.9979

Jason Keeney

Jason Keeney

Owner/Operator of Gear13



Ever since the days of broken crayons and a world larger than life, I’ve been infatuated with great creative, no matter the medium. A lot has changed since those days, but my love for creating great art is still as strong as ever – this fuels the machine that is Gear13 Creative.


My humble beginnings (in the early 90’s, man does that sound weird!) were in print design and I’ve continued to strive for growth since. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with some awesome clients, marketing professionals, web developers and other talents in the industry. I’ve soaked up a ton of knowledge from those experiences enabling me to better provide my clients with pieces that not only serve their needs, but are works I can be proud of as well.


Twenty plus years as a graphic designer has granted me with the surreal opportunity to work with many diverse clients, from corporate to small business to charitable organizations. This wide range of experiences has led me to where I am now, at the helm of Gear13 Creative.


My mission with Gear13 Creative is to provide a professional, yet personable, source for any size client to rely on when they are in need of design services.

So what’s with the name?

I am a freelance designer, but I’ve titled my business Gear13 Creative.


Why you ask?


The way I see it, if you look at any venture as a machine, there many gears that work together, each has a unique purpose, but they all drive each other towards an ultimate goal.


My goal is to be the creative gear in the machine, working in sync with your team to supply engaging, yet functional design to any project. What about the 13 you still ask? It’s only natural that the creative gear be identified by the number 13, it’s essential to the team, but yet just a little different (and it makes any Friday more interesting!).


Hence, Gear13 Creative.

Thank You

for stopping by and learning a little about myself and my work!

Have any further questions or maybe ready to start a new project? Please feel free to contact me.